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Lab4Drone and North present the new professional drone H580 GNSS RTK for photogrammetry. It is a Ready to Fly drone intended for professional users, surveyors and topographers with an attractive price and high-end features. It has an autonomy of more than 30 minutes.

The GNSS RTKite receiver eliminates or minimizes ground control points (GCP) while incredibly stabilizing the positioning of the drone. This, thanks to the centimeter precision in real time. It can connect directly to a reference station network ( Teria , etc.) with its on-board GSM module, receive corrections from a ground RTK base by GPRS thanks to AutoCaster technology or even use the Pixhawk transmission from the control station to receive corrections from a SmaRTK base.

This carefully put together collaboration between the drone designer and a professional RTK vendor ensures you seamless, usable integration right out of the box.

The exclusive modular chassis is made of high quality carbon, like all LAB4DRONE products, allowing the end user to have all replacement parts in 3D printing, as needed, greatly reducing repair costs and times on the site.

Finally, the Lab4drone H580 with North RTKite GNSS RTK can be delivered with a selection of Sony cameras or the Parrot Sequoia multispectral to meet the main needs.

Regarding GNSS, it can operate alone, in RTK (Real Time Kinematic) millimetric, PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) millimeter. But, it also supports a wide choice of formats including all NMEA standards, Novatel's Raw and Bestpos, RTCM, Trimble's CRM, RINEX and more.

Complete training for the use of this type of aircraft is provided by our team, and personalized according to the on-board equipment.

So, for any quote request, demonstration, etc ... contact us!

Drone H580, RTF Photogrammetry with GNSS RTK

Based on the PIXHAWK 4 flight controller, the quadcopter chassis from French designer Lab4drone carries the GNSS RTKite card from Spanish North. It meets "ultra-light" standards with a flight weight of less than 2kg.

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