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The H450 drone dedicated to the Parrot Sequoia , leaving the LAB4DRONE workshops, has been adapted to offer 25 minutes of flight to the multispectral sensor of the Parrot company.


With its 1500g in flight, the H450 evolves in scenarios S-1 to S-3 without any particular limit. It covers small to medium sized plots while providing mm per pixel resolution when flying less than 70m. It is particularly suitable for isolated agricultural land or vineyards.

The Drone H450 is an aircraft weighing less than 2 kg for 25 minutes of flight

Quality flight controller

It is equipped with the PIXHAWK Mini flight controller to offer a flight plan solution with almost unlimited capacities, scalable and programmable, the telemetry is transferred directly to Mission Planner or UgCS .

Tailor-made for Sequoia

A stabilized 2-axis nacelle and a specific support for the sunshine sensor complete the solution.

Complete training for the use of this type of aircraft is provided by our team, and personalized according to the on-board equipment.

So, for any quote request, demonstration, etc ... contact us!

Harfang drone for Sequoia, an RTW * * R eady T o W ork solution: ready to work

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The Harfang H450 Drone for Sequoia retains its original DNA with a carbon chassis and a rotary wing offering an optimum weight / range ratio.

The exclusive modular chassis is made of high quality carbon, like all LAB4DRONE products, allowing the end user to have all replacement parts in 3D printing, as needed, greatly reducing repair costs and times on the site.

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